With the recent 3.3 version of Sass a new data type is available, maps. A map is a data structure which associate a key to a value. It’s somewhat equivalent to JSON structures in JavaScript. And maps are a well-known data structure in functional programming.

The map data

In print design, a tint of a color is making it lighter by putting less ink, and a shade is mixing a color with black. Now with CSS preprocessors like Sass or Less we can easily compute color codes to reproduce these tints and shades. These two functions appear to

These days I’ve been using a lot the possibility to draw triangles and arrows with pure CSS elements. I use them for small user interface elements: breadcrumbs, previous pages and next pages buttons, arrows on custom tooltips.

Drawing triangles in CSS

With this possibility we can draw elements which

Now CSS stylesheets and browser implementations enable advanced typography properties. We can use in particular font ligatures. Theses font features are enabled in a lot of good quality web fonts and they allow us to use alternative and decorative styles on characters and on group of characters. This article is

  • #71494b rgb(113, 73, 75)
  • #d5e1f3 rgb(213, 225, 243)
  • #9199a4 rgb(145, 153, 164)
  • #59708d rgb(89, 112, 141)
  • #1d92af rgb(29, 146, 175)

A color scheme I’ve created from pictures I took in Dumbo, Brooklyn area in New-York.

Adobe Kuler

The Adobe Kuler web application has a