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When building style guides and front-end frameworks buttons are usually some of the first elements to be designed. They seem simple but they offer a glimpse of what the whole user interface will be like. From using a color palette to setting up the different visual states in this article

The HTML5 template element is a tag that isn’t used that much but is very useful to prepare reusable HTML structures that can be instantiated and populated with JavaScript. The DOM API and JavaScript don’t offer any native data binding. Though with the template element we can implement

In HTML the heading elements represents 6 levels of titles from h1 for the most important to h6 for the least important. Some Content Management Systems offer the possibility to automatically generate a table of contents from an article on the server side. But here I’m implementing a reusable

The ability to style inline lists in CSS is a very useful and powerful feature whether this is for styling a list of tags, a list of links for a navigation breadcrumb or a list a menu items. It could be done in HTML but it’s easier to design